Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Battle of Life – a poem by Dr. Shahzad Rizvi

The Battle of Life – a poem by Dr. Shahzad Rizvi

I was hung over this morning
From life’s assault.
I could hardly move an emotion, a thought.
Lovers, beasts, spouses came and tried
To rid me of this affliction
But nothing helped.
Like a stifled desire
I lay there motionless
While the world criss-crossed me,
Sneering, jeering,
Branding me misguided, misanthrope, misfit.
Invective missiles flew around me
My shameless body repelled most of them
But one managed to puncture my fragile skin
My heart splattered all over the universe
Creating Rorschach blots of pain and frustration.

I had thought my reason for being was my own happiness,
My life was a gift to me from Nature,
I could do whatever I wished with this precious possession.
But that is not what the self-appointed life-planners believed.
They went to work, and when they were done,
Nothing but a speck of dust was left.

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