Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dr Shahzad A. Rizvi's translates Muslim Saleem's ghazal "Ham phool gulsitaan mein..."


A poem by renowned litterateur Mr. Muslim Saleem
English translation by: Dr. Shahzad Rizvi

Our good fortune brings us joys while others suffer
Eyes are averted when they happen to fall on him

Our voices do not echo and they seem to get lost forever
As if the rocks on which they fall may have drunk them to quench their thirst

Oh God, are you collecting my prayers day after after day
So you can bestow your blessings on the Day of Judgment

Collective half dead conscience is being kept alive on artificial respirator
It seems society is replete with cadavers in motion

East and West are no longer different from each other
The entire planet is contaminated now

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